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Background: Ethiopia with largest burden of rheumatic heart disease is still struggling to have a regular heart surgery programs. Since the commencement of open-heart surgery at Cardiac Center of Ethiopia by the local team 20 valve surgeries with different complexities have been performed. The aim of this pilot study is to assess the performance and outcome of local cardiac surgical team with valve surgeries.


Method: A retrospective study of patients who underwent valve surgeries at Cardiac Center of Ethiopia by the local team in the duration of nine months from may 2017 up to march 2018 time period were analyzed. This study assesses the outcome of the local team and demonstrates the general characteristics of the patients.


Result: A total of 20 valve surgeries were performed in this nine months duration. Patient’s age groups from 9 years to 75 years have the surgery with mean age of 26.4 years. Three fourth of the patients got mechanical valve replacement and 10% had tissue valve replacement. Three patients underwent mitral valve repair and 3 patients also had double valve replacement [DVR]. Two patients underwent MVR plus left maze procedure. There was one mortality attributed to the loss of one patient who underwent MVR.


Conclusion: The outcome of team Ethiopia who performs 20 valve surgeries at the commencement of open-heart surgery in our soil land is encouraging. The mortality rate for this small series is 5% and few other complications.

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