Prevalence of Congenital Heart Defects and Associated Factors among Children Diagnosed with Congenital Anomalies in Addis Ababa Governmental Hospitals, Ethiopia.

Girma Seyoum



Back ground: Congenital heart defect (CHD) is structural heart defect present at birth and it accounts for nearly one-third of all major congenital anomalies. Worldwide, CHD constitutes one of the major causes of infant mortality, particularly in developing countries.

Methods and Materials: Hospital based cross-sectional study was carried out, involving children with congenital anomalies, in four referral hospitals. The data were collected using a structured questionnaire and the diagnosis of CHD of children was recorded from the children’s medical records and sample size was 271.

Result:  The prevalence of CHD among children diagnosed with congenital anomalies was 35.8%. The most common CHD was VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect) 30 (30.9%), followed by ASD (Atrial Septal Defect) 23(23.7%). Previous history of abortion AOR (Adjusted odd ratio=1.96; CI= (0.277-0.935); p=0.03) and past history of drug intake during pregnancy (AOR=   2.149; CI= (0.252-0.861); p= 0.015) were significantly associated with CHD.

Conclusion: The present study has shown that the burden of CHDs among congenital anomalies was high. Mothers who had previous history of abortion and drug intake during pregnancy were significantly associated with the occurrence of CHD. This study has given insight into the magnitude of the problem and provided baseline data for future detailed studies, as there was very little data available in the past. Information from this study would be used in developing strategies for improved management and rehabilitation of patients with CHD. Further detailed studies that would influence decision making should be conducted.

Key words: congenital heart defects, prevalence, associated factors

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