Fekede Agwar, Shibikom Tamirat, Yilikal Chane, Azene Dese, Ali Daude, Sitota Ganjula, Getu debele, Samson Adera, Bezawit Bekele, Hayat Kedir


A 7 years old boy presented Cardiac Center of Ethiopia (CCE) with dyspnea on exertion. His chest X ray showed evidence of cardiomegaly and his electrocardiography (ECG) showed left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH). His Doppler 2D echocardiography revealed that there is a discrete sub aortic membrane and gradient in the left ventricular out flow tract (LVOT) was 80mmHG.

Using trans-aortic approach, excision of the sub aortic membrane done. Post-operative the heart picked up in sinus rhythm and weaning from cardiopulmonary bypass was routine. Epicardial Doppler echocardiography showed mean gradient across LVOT of 19mmHG. LVOT was also shown free from remnant membrane. The patient got discharged from hospital on the fifth day.

Keywords: Discrete membranous sub aortic stenosis, surgical excision,congenital heart disease 



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