Sedigheh Khodabandeh shahraki, Nahid Dehghan Nayeri, Farokh Abazari, Batool Pouraboli


Introduction: Elderly healthcare and its relationship with life expectancy are major challenges in the modern era that goes beyond the public health approaches and contributing to quality of life. This study aimed to determine age-related challenges in Iran.

Method: Studies (2015-2010) on the challenges of caring for the elderly were evaluated in three phases. Databases, national and international, including: SID, Magiran, IranMedex, Irandoc, MEDLINE, EMBACE and ISI, with the keywords of elderly, care, and the challenges were searched and 11 articles based on the inclusion criteria were analysed.

Results: We identified 10 items including “depression and lack of compatibility with the environment and people "malnutrition", "isolation from family and society", "misbehaviour", "lack of knowledge and attitude of nurses in aged care”, “lack of appropriate national programs for the care of the elderly”, “lack of standard care plans”, “undiscovered chronic diseases" and "lack of adherence to treatment and regular drug use” as the major challenges.

Conclusion: An aging population can lead to challenges if there is no proper planning. Population aging raises issues of health care in the elderly. Due to changing demographic trends, the care of the elderly need to improve by developing integrated care, institution of appropriate insurance, establishing elderly care centres, providing further training to long-time employees, securing funding for facilities and equipment, increasing elderly’s health awareness and providing life skills training.

Keywords: challenge, elderly, care, Iran


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