Tesfaye Kebede legesse, Khalili Korosh, Abebe Habtamu Tamire, Fekadesilasie Henok Moges


Background: The introduction of image-guided biopsy has revolutionized the quality of patient care by avoiding open surgical biopsies and complications associated with it and the use anesthesia. Even though Ethiopian radiological training dates back to more than two decades, interventional radiology is a very recent introduction. This study reports the safety and significance of image guided biopsy on patient care.

Patients and methods: This study was a prospective study carried out to assess the impact and safety of doing image-guided biopsy in a tertiary care teaching Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Results: A total of 117 patients, their age ranging from 3 to 80years and a mean age of 41 were evaluated; 6.8% of them were children below the age of 10. Around two-thirds of the cases had intra-abdominal indications for biopsy followed by mediastinal pathologies. Ultrasound was used as a guide in about 85% of the cases. Except for one case that developed massive hemoptysis following fine needle aspiration of a middle mediastinal mass and treated conservatively, there was no major complication. A few minor complications, like mild pain and minor hemorrhage, required only close observation.

Conclusion: On the whole, our study indicates that image-guide biopsy improves the existing medical care. Moreover, institutions particularly those providing training in radiology should promote the establishment of interventional radiology for better patient diagnosis and improved planning of subsequent treatment.

Keywords: Safety, Image-guided biopsy


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